At Attention to Detail our name says everything that you need to know about our business.  We strive to exceed your expectations everytime we detail your vehicle.  From top to bottom, front to rear, inside and out, if it rolls or floats we clean it.
Detailing a vehicle is the perfect way to protect your investment.  If you keep up with your vehicles appearance you will add 25 to 50% more value to your vehicle when you trade it in or sell it.  Professionally detailing a vehicle will help sell it faster, it may even make you want to keep it when you see how great it looks.
Full Detail
Starting at $160for newer model small cars
to $175 and up for SUV's
(Prices vary base upon vehicle condition,
paint color, age of vehicle, and size)
Includes- Interior, Exterior
and Engine Cleaning & Degreasing
Exterior Only-
Starting at $100
Wash with high velocity water and professionally designed cleaning agents.  Undercarriage pressure washed to remove mud and road grime.  Wheels cleaned according to design and metal used (aluminum, chrome, etc).  Steam clean and degrease under hood and fenderwells.  Tires dressed and shined.  Depending on vehicle, paint is buffed with high and low speed buffing and certain vehicles are even hand polished.  We use a compound that repels rain and dirt.

(Every vehicle is unique and we use a variety of cleaning and
polishing products base upon your vehicles specific needs)

Interior Only-
Starting at $100 
Shampoo carpet, condition leather/vinyl and rubber, deep clean upholstery, clean glass & mirrors, clean headliner, remove dust and dirt from hard to reach areas (vents, ashtrays, gloveboxes, etc.)
Starting at $12 per foot 
We clean, fiberglass and pontoon boats. 

For fiberglass boats we wash, clean waterline pressure wash and vacuum carpet, and wax all visible gelcoated areas.  Interiors are all cleaned and mildew is removed.  Seats are and vinyl are sealed with a creme protectanct. 

Pontoon boats are cleaned and the pontoons are pressure washed and cleaned with a product that restores the original color as when the boat was new.

RV's & Campers
Starting at $12 per foot
Same as the exterior only detailing only a much larger scale.  We will make your camper or RV look new again.  We take special time to clean the top of a camper.


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